Inspire the next generation in social responsibility by introducing the habit of sharing in your child and your child's immediate environment.
By deciding to start 'ishare' in your school or the school you studied or in the school your child studies you not only inspire our next generation but you also reach out to the society in a meaningful way - through children.
Supporting the 'ishare' cause is so easy and meaningful. When you share 1 Rupee every day to the 'ishare' programme you join hands with many others to support , motivate and inspire our children to form the habit of 'sharing' in their lives . You also enable the programme to reach out to more schools and children.
When you support 'ishare', the corpus to do good deeds multiplies, as your support is combined with the children's contribution of 1 Rupee per day. Further, you become part of the Scholarship Programme aimed at generating quality reading habit in children.
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'ishare' functions on the concept of sharing Rs.1 every day by children. The contribution thus collected is used for an activity outside the school campus, benefiting the society.
It is important that the children's efforts are appreciated, recognized and their motivation level kept high. Towards this a grant is offered to the children / school which is added to the contribution generated from the children.
  1. Each school participating in the 'ishare' programme is offered a grant of Rs. 50,000/ per academic year.

  2. The grant is disbursed in 3 installments coinciding with the 3 collection periods of the students.

  3. Student's contribution amount and the grant received will be the corpus for the activity to be undertaken by the children.
Children are the back bone, beneficiaries and the torch bearers of the 'ishare' programme. Without their involvement the programme is of no relevance. While going through the programme they are enriched by the formation of 'a good habit' in them. They inspire others and motivate more schools to join the 'ishare' programme. The programme has a well laid out procedure and custom-made materials for its functioning:
  1. On commencement of the programme in the school, the parents are informed about the aim and purpose of 'ishare' through a letter.
  2. Teacher coordinators for the programme are selected.
  3. 'ishare' school leaders are selected from the students of higher classes in the institution.
  4. 'ishare' class leaders are selected to motivate their classmates and coordinate the contributions from their class.
  5. The 'ishare' class leaders are given a chart to monitor the contributions from their class.
  6. All students in the school will have contribution slips in which their contributions are noted and acknowledged.
  7. Class teachers will have a record for monitoring the contribution from their class.
  8. Posters highlighting the programme are exhibited in the school for programme awareness.
  9. News Letters (3 Nos. in an year) are published and distributed to all the students immediately before the collection schedule. The newsletter highlights the activity undertaken by the students using the previous collection.
  10. Students are eligible to get a grant of upto Rs.50,000/- in an academic year.
  11. The student's contribution and the grant amount form the corpus for the activities.
  12. Contributions from students must be voluntary.
  13. There are 3 collection periods coinciding the 3 academic terms.
  14. The children along with their teachers, parents and the school management decide the activities to be undertaken. The activity shall be done outside the school campus benefiting the society at large.
  15. The scholarship programme worth Rs.50,000/- every year enriches children in developing quality reading habit.
  16. The details of the activities are detailed in this web site.